About Us

We are four young women living in Brisbane. All of us are young professionals who spend our time searching for connection: in life generally, in love, in our networks and careers.

Our vision is to build a network of people - men and women - who are open, yet independent, like-minded yet unique. We know the trials of modern life, and the community that we need in order for us to flourish in it. Let us help you find your tribe.


We will provide you with advice about how to live a meaningful, connected life in a world that is becoming increasingly disconnected.  Developing honesty, authenticity and prioritising deepening your relationships is really important for a person's survival.  


We provide advice from our own experiences, heartbreaks and triumphs alike, and also avenues for you to meet likeminded people to yourselves.  It's all for the project of cultivating connection.  It's the Connection Project.

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