What we do

The connection project hosts events and publishes content to bring like-minded people together. We want to give people the opportunities to make the profound connections that they’ve been searching for.

While the internet has connected us more than ever before, ironically it has also disconnected us more than ever before. Our relationships are suffering, and our interpersonal skills are lacking.  This is where The Connection Project comes in.


We foster authenticity, honesty and vulnerability with likeminded people.  So if you’re looking to make meaningful connections, whether it be love or friendships, then we encourage you to attend one of our events and keep up to date with The Connection Project!  


We specifically tailor our events to suit likeminded people searching for the same things.  Whether it be ensuring stronger business networks, developing deeper friendships or finding love, our mission is the take the emphasis off the internet, away from apps and into real life.


We also provide blogs that honestly detail our real life connections, and explore topics such as love, real vulnerability, intimacy, modern dating, the corporate world and friendships whilst giving you some insight into foreign worlds we have travelled to and the connections we've made along the way.


Read our blogs, listen to our content and join us at our events.  You'll soon learn that you're not alone, and that your people do exist.


So please get in touch and leave us a message letting us know you'd like to attend one of our events.  We'd love to hear from you!

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